Welcome to THERME WIEN

Welcome to THERME WIEN

A visit to Therme Wien is a transformative experience. This unique thermal spa is an irresistible world where peace and quiet reigns. Leave your everyday stresses and strains at the door. Time loses all meaning, leaving you free to concentrate on what matters most: yourself! You will be in your element: in the heart of the city, yet surrounded by nature. Gentle and contemplative, fun and loud, effervescent or calm. Just like the imaginary stream that wends its way through the heart of Therme Wien, following its natural course and releasing
energy in cascading fountains. The Therme Wien stream is a silent and ever-present companion for spa goers on their quest to rediscover themselves. Our goal is to create a place where people can break free of their daily routine and get in touch with their inner rhythm. At Therme Wien you have more than enough time and opportunity to unwind. What are you waiting for?

Discover your favourite spot

Discover your favourite spot

The great outdoors is the perfect place for you to reconnect with your true self. Therme Wien provides ample space for people to spread out, with countless retreats and hideaways inside and out. There are always new oases awaiting discovery: perfect for the moment and ideal for dropping anchor for a while. Places to relax and experience moments of true inner tranquillity. Take a look at your natural surroundings with fresh eyes, indulge yourself or let yourself be pampered with a treatment. have fun, or get active and bring body and soul back into alignment. We recommend selecting a different spot every time and making it your own for a spa experience to remember. The cycle can be repeated as often as you like.

Go with the flow

Go with the flow

The spa stretches along the banks of an imaginary stream. Trace its course and discover cascades, waterfalls and fountains at every turn. Loops of light illuminate the route from the spring to the great outdoors beyond. The thermal water collects in giant pools inside and out. The way is punctuated with spacious spa zones. Arranged like stones in the landscape, these themed areas have something for everyone.

Hot property - the water´s natural warmth

Hot property - the water´s natural warmth

Warmth is a barometer of mood. Our moods have a direct effect on how we perceive different water temperatures. But one thing is for certain: there’s no risk of goosebumps here! The pools range in temperature from 27 to 36 °C for a guaranteed feelgood factor. The body is cocooned in warmth, so you can take a break from swimming and just lounge about in the water.

Spa zone I
Thermal pool, indoor: 36 °C
Thermal pool, outdoor: 36 °C
swimming pool, indoor: 30 °C
spring water pool, outdoor: 30 °C

Spa zone II
Thermal pool, indoor: 34 °C
Thermal pool, outdoor: 34 °C
saltwater pool, outdoor: 34 °C with liquid sound
swimming pool, outdoor: 27 °C (24 °C in summer)

Adventure Stone
spa pool, indoor: 34 °C
spa pool, outdoor: 34 °C
diving pool, indoor: 34 °C. depth: 4 metres
infant and toddler pool, indoor: 34 °C
Kids’ pool, outdoor: 34 °C

Tranquillity Stone
Grotto pool: 36 °C
Quiet pool: 35 °C
Jacuzzi: 36 °C

Sauna Stone
Warm water pool, outdoor: 34 °C
Jacuzzi, outdoor: 36 °C
Jacuzzi, outdoor (women): 36 °C
Jacuzzi, outdoor (men): 36 °C
Kneip pool, warm (mixed sauna): 36 °C
Kneip pool, cold (mixed sauna): 18 °C
Plunge pool: 18 °C

Culinary delights

Culinary delights

Live life to the full and savour the moment is the motto at the various Therme Wien restaurants and lounges.

Although the restaurants cater to different tastes, they have a number of important things in common: a relaxed atmosphere, oceans of space, friendly services and the very best interests of our guests at heart. At Therme Wien we believe that a trip to a restaurant should be about bringing people together, enjoying good food and savouring a feelgood experience.

Take your pick:
• Thermenrestaurant with generous terrace and lounge area
• Summer bar in the four seasons garden
• Café Lounge in the entrance area of Therme Wien Med
• Juice bar in the Solewelt salt world
• Sauna Bistro in the Sauna Stone area
• Fitness Lounge at Therme Wien Fitness

We believe that how people dress is an important part of the dining experience, which is why all guests are asked to ensure that they have the appropriate attire when visiting any of the Therme Wien restaurants or cafés. For us, this means a shirt or t-shirt, shorts and spa slippers at the very least – it goes without saying that bathrobes are more than welcome!

Time to get moving with water workouts

Time to get moving with water workouts

Immersed in water, your whole body will get a great workout. In fact, water is the ideal training partner for a number of reasons. First of all, the water reduces your weight – and your joints are subjected to less stress and strain. Secondly, water offers 60 times the resistance of air meaning that you have to work harder. Exercising in water is an extremely effective way to get fit without having to suffer any of the characteristic burn or aching muscles the next day. Deep water workouts are more efficient, burning calories in a shorter time. The water pressure even acts as a gentle tissue massage and dampens joint impact. We recommend getting in the exercise pool and joining in one of the classes. For more information on individual sessions visit:

NEW: Relax One Day Holiday - only € 78,-

NEW: Relax One Day Holiday

The Relax! One Day Holiday at Therme Wien - only € 78,-

Now you can book your Relax! One Day Holiday at Therme Wien. Leave all your stresses and strains at home and enjoy the exclusive benefits of a Relax! One Day Holiday – including the Relax Lounge with a reserved lounger, free WiFi, complimentary newspapers, and Relax Refreshments served at 11:00, 15:00 and 18:00 (refreshments at 18:00 are for guests who check in for their One Day Holiday after 11:00).

Get away from your everyday routine and enjoy a whole day’s holiday at Austria's most modern city spa – completely free of stress and time pressure. Because with the new Relax! One Day Holiday from VAMED Vitality World, you get an extensive no-worries package for your day at Therme Wien.

At the Relax Check In, you’ll receive your Relax beach bag packed with complimentary pool slippers, a cosy bathrobe and two bath towels for you to use for the day, as well as other goodies.

Reservation is required – book your day by phone on +43 (0)1 68009 9682.

The Relax! One Day Holiday at Therme Wien includes:

- Spa day ticket including access to sauna area and Solewelt salt world
- Relax check in
- Relax beach bag for you to take home
- Relax pool slippers for you to take home
- Relax bathrobe for the day
- Two Relax bath towels for the day
- Relax lounger in the Relax Lounge reserved for you
- Personal service at the Relax Desk from 9:00 to 18:00
- Relax Refreshments (two 0.5l bottles of mineral water) plus newspapers and magazines
- Relax morning and afternoon snack (includes a cup of coffee in the afternoon)
- Relax gourmet voucher for the spa restaurant worth €12
- Relax voucher worth €5 for your next Relax! One Day Holiday*
- 15% Relax discount on all treatments at the spa massage suite
- 15% discount on purchases at the spa shop
- Surprise gift
- Free garage parking
- Free WiFi in the Relax Lounge
- Use of Physiotherm heated recliners in the Relax Lounge 

*Only valid against the cost of a Relax! One Day Holiday at Therme Wien within 30 days.

Short break – long-lasting effect

Now available to all adult visitors at VAMED Vitality World spa and health resorts.

NEW: Relax Active One Day Holiday - only € 123,-

NEW: Relax Active One Day Holiday

The Relax! Active One Day Holiday at Therme Wien

Now you can book your Relax! Active One Day Holiday at Therme Wien: leave all your stresses and strains at home and enjoy the exclusive benefits of a Relax! One Day Holiday in combination with our Active health package. This includes a fitness check to identify key factors for your health and evaluate your physical fitness, a Fitmate basal metabolic rate test to find out your optimal energy balance, and use of the entire Therme Wien Fitness gym.

Get away from your everyday routine and give yourself a lift with a day at the most modern city spa in Austria – completely free of stress and time pressure. With the new Relax! Active One Day Holiday, you get an extensive no-worries package for your day at Therme Wien and Therme Wien Fitness.

At the Relax Check In, you’ll receive your Relax beach bag packed with complimentary pool slippers, a cosy bathrobe and two bath towels for you to use for the day, as well as other goodies.

Reservation is required – by phone on +43 (0)1 68009 9682.

The Relax! Active One Day Holiday at Therme Wien includes the standards of The Relax! One Day Holiday and:

Also available:

- Fitness check at Therme Wien Fitness:

>Body composition analysis
>Trunk strength test using the Dr. Wolff Back Check
>Submaximal endurance test
>Test results summary and training plan recommendation 

- Fitmate basal metabolic rate test** (total duration of fitness check and Fitmate test: approx. 60 min.)

- Use of the entire fitness area

**Basal metabolic rate is the number of calories the body requires to maintain all essential functions when at rest. Daily energy requirements can vary greatly from person to person. The result of this test can be used to provide a recommendation for daily food consumption, so that you can achieve your ideal energy balance.

*Only valid against the cost of a Relax! One Day Holiday at Therme Wien within 30 days.

Floating on cloud nine - the Spa Zones

Floating on cloud nine - the Spa Zones

You will be in seventh heaven at Therme Wien where everything has been designed with your wellbeing in mind, to help you get back in tune with your own natural rhythm, switch off and rediscover the inner you.

Float carefree and lost in thought as you allow the invigorating water to work its magic on you. The Therme Wien spa zones were made for this – here, the combination of soothing warm water and gentle activity will soon melt your everyday worries away.

Cloaked in warmth - Sauna Stone

Tense muscles make for a tense disposition. Water hisses on the hot stone, the body is enveloped by warmth, soothing the soul. Sweat out the toxins of daily life, forget the rat-race, turn inwards and start reconnecting to yourself. Carried by the water, floating freely and free of cares. How easy it is to switch off while gently moving in warm water. Find places of refuge and rest; time to unwind.

Rediscover your inner child - Adventure Stone

Make a splash and enjoy yourself as you reconnect with the child inside. Head for one of the numerous slides which wend their way through the spa like giant serpents. From the little ones’ perspective, the rides just seem to go on forever. Jump into the water and burst back through the surface grinning from ear to ear. And then it’s off to the wild water rapids. Next it’s time for the water play park and the wilderness of the garden.

Tschigong – the spa’s very own tiger
TschigongWherever you look you are met with smiling faces and bright shining eyes – it can only mean one thing: the spa tiger is out on patrol. A humorous word always on his lips, it’s always fun in the water with Tschigong around. The little ones just love to follow in his footsteps and one thing’s for sure, the hapless tiger always ends up soaking wet!

Kinderspektakel – kids’ paradise
Children just love to jump about, find new playmates and let their creativity run riot. And Therme Wien has the right space for all the things they like best, from arts and crafts to juggling and ball games. As the name suggests, there is always something spectacular going on at the different Kinderspektakel sessions, which are as unique as the children themselves. Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

Experience complete tranquillity - Tranquillity Stone

Unwinding comes naturally at the Tranquillity Stone. This zone is full of rooms, pools and other places that are shielded from the hubbub of the outside world – retreats that exude calm and gently coax visitors into enjoying untold moments of reflection. 

Immerse yourself in a new world – Grotto Pool
Feel your cares begin to evaporate the second you swim through the gently flowing waterfall. The rest of your everyday stresses and strains will simply ebb away as you drift lost in thought above the depths of the pool. The soothing motion of gently lapping waves is the ideal antidote to the hectic pace of modern life. Swim, breathe deeply and relax. Perfection.

Time for a good book
Books are excellent companions: they entertain us, makes us laugh and trigger an incredible range of emotions. Some have such a hold over us that it is impossible to put them down until we have uncovered all their secrets. Therme Wien understands this, which is why we have dedicated a whole room to reading.

At the Tranquillity Stone you will find an entire wall full to the brim with classic literature and quick reads. Ultra comfy lounge chairs sit invitingly next to the shelves, for readers to enjoy. Simply borrow a book and return it to the shelf once you have finished.

Deep blue – AlphaSphere
The AlphaSphere is a special kind of lounger that brings together sound, light and movement to tackle even the most deep-seated tension. Finished in a relaxing shade of blue, the AlphaSphere radiates peace and tranquillity as it spirits you away to far off flights of fancy.

Pamper yourself - Beauty Stone

A head whirring with thoughts, a never ending list of things to do – sound familiar? Leave it all behind and treat yourself to a top-to-toe treatment by one of our professional beauty therapists. After all, it’s not just the specialist cosmetics or new haircut that will leave you feeling great, but also the careful attention that you’ll receive with every single treatment. Our beauty therapies will leave you feeling radiant inside and out so indulge yourself with a little balsam for the soul at the Beauty Stone.

Gentle warmth – laconium rooms
Don’t be fooled by its reputation: this type of low-humidity or “dry” sauna is still a hot prospect! Although temperatures are restricted to 50 °C you will soon start to perspire with an incredible intensity, allowing your body to purge itself of impurities as it detoxifies through the skin.

Choose between hay flower and eucalyptus. Upon leaving the laconium room you will feel rejuvenated and relaxed to the core of your being (included in the standard entrance fee). 

Release the tension – spa massages
Even the gentlest of touches is enough to ward off deep lying tension. Firm pressure applied to the right areas will soon ease knotted muscles. Aromatic essential oils help soothe jangled nerves as they play their part in clearing emotional, physical and psychological blockages.

Boutique shopping
Therme Wien even has its own spa store. Why don´t you include a spot of browsing and shopping in your visit?

In tune with nature - Four Seasons Garden

A garden landscape that speaks to your senses whatever the time of day, or year. The scene is constantly changing, casting our natural surroundings in a fresh light each time we happen upon them.

The 13,200 square metre Therme Wien four seasons garden borders on the heritage-listed Kurpark Oberlaa. This vast expanse of greenery is a natural phenomenon in its own right. Beauty, tranquillity and nature come together in this unique place. Cornfields sway gently in the breeze, as nature’s rhythm finds its way into the city. Trees and shrubs provide shade in summer, and shield you from the hubbub of everyday life. Tucked away corners, comfy loungers and manicured lawns in the garden open the gateway to a voyage of self discovery.

For anyone looking to combine enjoyment of the parkland with a spot of exercise there is a 25 metre outdoor swimming pool. At a pleasant 27 °C (24 °C in summer) it is the ideal place to swim a few lengths and cool off on a hot summer’s day. Fans of warmer water can simply switch to the spa zone and swim their way outdoors in the pleasant 36 °C water. Measuring 13 metres across, the hot spring pool is a new addition where bathers can enjoy the thermal water as close to its natural state as possible.

A garden brimming with surprises - Wilderness

A garden brimming with surprises - Wilderness

Therme Wien has its very own wilderness – to reach it simply make your way into the garden from the Adventure Stone. There is no end to the fun in this 2,500 square metre section of the parkland.

The wilderness is a lost world that awaits discovery, a place where you can simply be yourself and let experiences wash over you. And don’t worry, anyone looking for a little peace and quiet in the nearby four seasons garden won’t hear a thing.


Relaxation is one of the most valuable services our THERME WIEN spa can offer. With help from the most exclusive organic cosmetic lines and aimed massage treatments our therapist´s can calm and release emotional as well as psychological blockages and tensed muscles which eases your mind of stressful thoughts.

Make an appointment either at the THERME WIEN Massage reception desk or by phone (+43-1- 68009-9611).

Guests who come for massage only, please use the THERME WIEN FITNESS entrance in Kurbadstraße 16, 1100 Vienna.

364 Days a Year
There is always time to relax: THERME WIEN Massage is open daily from 09.30 am to 08.00 pm, 364 days a year (Christmas - 24 December closed).

For more information about the "THERME WIEN - Thermenmassage" click here (English version)


Improve your fitness, stamina and endurance and discover a new quality of life. With a large state-of-the-art gym (1,200 m2), cardiovascular training equipment and a separate ladies’ fitness zone, staying in shape has never been so easy. Build up muscles, strengthen your back, increase your suppleness and enhance your overall strength.

At Therme Wien Fitness, health benefits and the latest sport science practices always come first – not forgetting fun, of course! 

Better together
There is nothing better than picking up on other peoples’ enthusiasm for doing the things they love. Group training sessions offer this in abundance. Everything seems easier as part of a group. After all, individuals just love to spur one another on and encourage each other to reach their personal goals.

At Therme Wien Fitness you can choose between power training sessions and gentler sessions such as Pilates and body & soul. Other activities include group spinning classes, Nordic walking and power cardio circle workouts – and other options besides, many of which may be new to you such as Batuka, Zumba and Shin Go Do. 

Let off steam at the Sauna Stone 
Guests and members can reach the Sauna Stone via a separate entrance that also leads to the rest of the spa. To find out more about keep fit activities at the spa visit


Activities at Therme Wien Med revolve around prevention, diagnostics and therapies to treat musculo-skeletal complaints. 

General practitioners, specialist physicians and a skilled team of therapists offer leading medical therapies in our state-of-the-art treatment suites. Each treatment programme is specially aligned to the individual patient’s specific needs with a view to alleviating discomfort and preventing the progression of existing medical conditions.

The Therme Wien Med facilities
• outpatient clinic for physical medicine
• outpatient spa treatments and therapies
• outpatient rehabilitation clinic and day centre
• centre for integrative medicine
• centre for rheumatic diseases
• Ludwig Boltzmann Institute

At Therme Wien Med the emphasis is on hydrotherapeutic and balneotherapeutic treatments which use the Oberlaa thermal waters.

Price list




Additional person




maximum 3 hours

€ 19,00

€ 21,00

€ 18,00

€ 13,00

each additional minute up to 6 hours - adults 4 cents, children 2 cents

day tickets: minimum 6 hours

€ 26,40

€ 28,40

€ 25,40

€ 16,50

additional charge Sauna


€ 8,00

€ 8,00


additional charge Solewelt

€ 8,50

€ 8,50

€ 8,50


Relax! One Day Holiday

€ 78,00




Relax! One Day Holiday Active

€ 123,00





€ 23,00

€ 25,00   € 22,00   

After-Work-Ticket "Kombi"**

€ 27,00

€ 29,00  € 26,00   

Kids Monday

1 child per adult free (except holidays)

*includes a €5 voucher for the restaurant or a beach bag containing beach towel and bathrobe for you to borrow,- flip flops and hair and body shampoo
**includes a €5 voucher for the restaurant and a beach bag containing beach towel and bathrobe for you to borrow,- flip flops and hair and body shampoo
effective from: monday to friday, 6 pm to 10 pm, adults only (except holidays)

Children's rates for children aged 3-14.

Children up to 3 years free.

€ 20,- charge for lost chip bracelets.


All prices and opening hours valid from 01.09.2017. Subject to change.

Opening hours

Opening Hours

Spa opening hours
364 days per year (closed on 24 December)
Monday – Saturday: 9.00 – 22.00
Sunday and Holidays: 8.00 – 22.00

31. Dezember - open from 08.00 to 14.00 (last entry: 11.00)
01. Jänner - open from 09.00 to 22.00

Monday – Sunday, Holidays: 09.30 – 20.00

Monday – Friday: 07.30 – 23.00
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: 07.30 – 22.00

Contact us

Contact us

Therme Wien GmbH & Co KG
1100 Wien, Kurbadstraße 14 
Tel.: +43-1-68009
Fax: +43-1-68009-9088

1100 Wien, Kurbadstraße 14 
Tel.:  +43-1-68009-9600
Fax.: +43-1-68009-9688

Therme Wien Fitness
1100 Wien, Kurbadstraße 16 
Tel.:  +43-1-68009-9777
Fax.: +43-1-68009-9788

Therme Wien Med
1100 Wien, Kurbadstraße 14 
Tel.:  +43-1-68009-9400
Fax.: +43-1-68009-9488


Important notice:
From 04. September 2017 the wide short-term parking area starts in Favoriten, 1100 Vienna. It will apply monday to friday from 9am to 7pm. We recommend you to use our underground car park with special rates fpr THERME WIEN customers. 

The underground car park of THERME WIEN (parking for 600 cars) offers  special rates for THERME WIEN costumers:

up to 3,5 hours € 2,50 every continuing hour € 1,-,
day-ticket € 5,-.

Travelling by car

Important notice:
From 04. September 2017 the wide short-term parking area starts in Favoriten, 1100 Vienna. It will apply monday to friday from 9am to 7pm. We recommend you to use our underground car park with special rates fpr THERME WIEN customers. 

Access to underground car park of Therme Wien: coming from the city centre: Take Laaerbergstraße to the crossing Kurbadstraße, turn left into Kurbadstraße and drive alont till you see the parking icon.

Public Transport

Public transport

From 2nd september the subway line U1 will go straight to the new final destination OBERLAA (Therme Wien). From this point you will reach the Therme Wien in approximately 15 minutes from the city center (Stephansplatz).

Public transport from 2nd september 2017:

U1 to new final destination OBERLAA (Therme Wien)

U4 to Karlsplatz, change to U1 to new final destination OBERLAA (Therme Wien)

U3 to Stephansplatz, change to U1 to new final destination OBERLAA (Therme Wien)