Garden of Inspiration

Relaxation outdoor

Feel the summerAn oasis of green in the heart of Vienna

The Garden of Inspiration opens up even more space for sun worshippers and water lovers to relax outdoors. Tall grass hedges and fragrant shrubs create personal retreats, with parasols and comfortable loungers available for every guest.

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Summer day ticket spa with locker

Guaranteed admission to Therme Wien in summer.

from € 23.72

Summer day ticket spa with cubicle

Guaranteed admission to Therme Wien in summer.

from € 25.25

Family ticket

Guaranteed admission to Therme Wien.

from € 65.00

Summer vibesFly over the Garden of Inspiration

Soak up the sun and summer vibes while you put your everyday life on hold. Not that much of a challenge at Therme Wien, given that there are so many cocktails, long drinks, ice cream sundaes and culinary treats to indulge yourself with.

The Therme Wien cocktail vanCocktails & drinks by the pool

Relax at the water’s edge and forget everything else around you as you let the time drift by. From now on, Therme Wien will once again be serving punch and much more right next to the pool – all prepared in the poolside Therme Wien cocktail van.

Poolside drinks can be enjoyed in the saltwater pool from Monday to Sunday and in the thermal pool 2 in the outdoor section of Thermenlandschaft 2.

The swimming poolsin the Garden of Inspiration

The thermal pool 1

36 °C
Numerous underwater massage jets in the outdoor thermal pools deliver a sensational massage experience.

The thermal pool 2

34 °C
Deep relaxation is the order of the day, thanks to the massage jets built into the sides of the outdoor thermal pool 2. Depending on the season, you can also enjoy a cocktail or punch in the pool in the outdoor area.

The saltwater pool

36 °C
Want to experience the sensation of weightlessness? Thanks to its high salt content, this is exactly what you can do in the Solebecken saltwater pool at Therme Wien. Rest, relax and let the regenerating power of salt work its magic on you.

The swimming pool

24 °C to 28 °C
Breaststroke, crawl or butterfly – the choice is yours in the main swimming pool. Thanks to its 25-metre lanes, it’s perfect for building stamina and blowing off steam.

The hot spring pool

36 °C
A few steps lead to this outdoor thermal spa pool. Set slightly above ground, the circular pool (filled with sulphur-free spring water) is the perfect place to enjoy a quiet moment out in the fresh air.


The summer bar

That special summer feeling kicks in the moment you savour delicacies at the Therme Wien summer bar and outdoor kitchen. Guests are spoiled for choice with a range of summery dishes and fine flavours to choose from. All dishes are freshly prepared in front of the guests, with regional ingredients and fresh, fragrant herbs setting the tone.

Lactose-free, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan dishes are also available.


The Relax! Garden Lounge

Exclusively for all Relax! One Day Holidaymakers: in summer, you can lap up the views of the garden and explore the details of this carefully designed natural landscape up close. Exclusive islands of tranquillity await discovery, here in the heart of the city.

Spa Goldfrom busy bees

As you lay back and enjoy the Garden of Inspiration, you can watch bees buzzing from one flower to the next, collecting nectar along the way. The tasty byproduct? Thermengold, our special spa honey.

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Frequently asked questions

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Yes. For hygiene reasons (sweat, deodorant, perfume, cosmetics, etc.) we ask all guests to rinse off in the showers next to the pools before entering the water. If you use the sauna area, we ask you to shower after each sauna session.

Smoking is prohibited in the thermal spa and in the outdoor section of the Adventure Stone! If you wish to smoke, please use the designated smoking areas in the outdoor area.

Use of the indoor and outdoor sun loungers as well as the sun shades at Therme Wien is free of charge.

It is not permitted to take mobile telephones into any of the pools. Thank you for your understanding.

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