Heilquellen Oberlaa thermal springs

Bild kann nicht geladen werden.THERME WIEN – Natural warmth
Thermal waters as a source of wellbeing and health

Repeated treatment is the best way to maximise the positive, healthy effects of natural thermal waters. Thermal waters can achieve a long-term positive impact on chronic lifestyle diseases that are becoming more and more common in today’s world. The water temperature of 36°C stimulates deep-lying feelings of foetal security, a reflex to being in the same conditions as in the womb. Thermal waters produce different effects depending on their composition and source – invigorating and stimulating, a boost to the immune system, toning, or relaxing and calming. The sulphurous springs at Therme Wien are a natural bounty that has been used in cure therapies since 1969. A second sulphur spring was tapped in 2009, which delivers water to the surface at 47°C from a depth of 900 metres. More information on the ingredients in a litre of thermal water can be found in the chemical analysis conducted by the Institute Austrian Research Center, and in the Hydroisotop analysis (PDF – german).

THERME WIEN MED – The properties and healing powers of sulphur

Recent publications have demonstrated the anti-inflammatory properties of curative waters containing sulphur. Sulphur balneotherapy is recommended for degenerative joint disorders, certain types of rheumatic disorders, post-traumatic injuries, postoperative therapy and skin diseases such as psoriasis. Sulphurous springs have been turned to as a curative treatment for pain, rheumatism and other problems for centuries. A consensus statement, “Balneological therapies with sulphurous waters, 01/ 2013 (chaired by Prof. Hans Bröll, produced in cooperation with the Austrian Society for Rheumatology and Rehabilitation [ÖGR], the Austrian Society for Bone and Mineral Research, and the Ludwig Boltzmann Cluster for Arthritis and Rehabilitation) examines in detail the effective mechanisms of sulphurous curative waters (titratable divalent sulphur, H2S), as present in Therme Wien’s thermal springs.

Therapies using the Oberlaa sulphurous curative springs at Therme Wien Med (selection):
Physiotherapy – physical therapy in sulphurous water pools to mobilise nerve structures and correct disregulation. Hydrotherapy and balneotherapy – sulphur baths with a maximum duration of 20 minutes help to curb inflammation and relieve pain. Balneophototherapy – this non-pharmaceutical treatment is offered in cases of skin disorders such as psoriasis and atopic eczema, comprising a sulphur bath combined with UVB light therapy. Detailed information on therapies offered by Therme Wien Med can be found at www.thermewienmed.at and in our information leaflet ‘Bewegung hat ein medizinisches Zentrum’.

When warm immersion baths are not recommended: • Acute febrile diseases • inflammatory rheumatic diseases (exacerbation stage) • severe cardiovascular diseases • poorly controlled hypertension • collagenoses (narrower sense) • manifest malignant diseases • manifest hyperthyroidism • fresh postoperative stage • venous thromboembolism • skin defects (fresh wounds, recent ulcers) • pregnancy and lactation • bronchial asthma • depression and psychosis • prominent varicose veins “The only specific contraindication for sulphur baths is individual intolerance to sulphur.”