Massage prices

Combined packages

Treatment packages

Stone time 50 min.

Hot stone massage
Aroma massage

€ 86.00
Time together 50 min.

2 x Stamp massage
2 x Aroma massage
2 glasses of sparkling white wine

€ 173.00
Back special 55 min.

Hay blossom pack
Individual massage

€ 86.00
Bundle of energy 105 min.

Coconut-Oil-Full-Body Massage
Head Massage
Face Pack

€ 173.00
Combi special 50 min. € 86.00

Children and young people aged 13 and under must always be accompanied by an adult.

Please note that we require a note from your doctor that it is safe for you to undergo treatment as an expectant mother.

All prices valid from 1 September 2023. Subject to change.
All prices include VAT.