Spa rules


By purchasing a ticket online, using a means of entry (chip), and by visiting the thermal baths, you conclude a contract for use of the bathing facilities and acknowledge the following Spa Rules as an integral part of the contract.

1.1. Permission to use the facilities, assumption of risk by visitors

(1) Therme Wien GmbH & Co KG allows visitors to use the bathing facilities at their own risk, in accordance with these Spa Rules.

(2) Therme Wien GmbH & Co KG and its employees cannot provide protection against bathing accidents. Visitors must bear the risks associated with any activities carried out on the premises.

(3) The same applies to injuries, as well as any invasions of visitors’ privacy by other visitors, or by other third parties who are not employees of Therme Wien GmbH & Co KG.

(4) Consequently, Therme Wien GmbH & Co KG only assumes the following obligations to visitors:

1.2. Opening hours and admission

(1) Therme Wien GmbH & Co KG is obliged to provide access to visitors during the opening hours as published or as made known by the supervising staff.

(2) If the officially permitted number of visitors is exceeded, Therme Wien GmbH & Co KG, with the aid of the responsible staff, is legally obliged to prohibit entry by additional visitors. In such cases, individuals who wish to visit the baths can expect waiting times.

(3) Therme Wien GmbH & Co KG reserves the right to refuse access to persons whose entry appears to give grounds for concern, without giving reasons.

1.3. Condition and operation of the facilities

(1) Therme Wien GmbH & Co KG is responsible for ensuring that the facilities are constructed, operated and maintained in accordance with applicable regulations. In particular, Therme Wien GmbH & Co KG must comply with all applicable hygiene and safety regulations. Therme Wien GmbH & Co KG has no additional obligations in this regard.

(2) As soon as Therme Wien GmbH & Co KG becomes aware of a fault or defect in, or damage to, a facility, which means that secure operation can no longer be guaranteed, it must immediately prohibit use of the defective facility or restrict its use in an appropriate manner.

(3) In this case, and in the case of closure of one or more facilities for maintenance/repair work, visitors do not have a contractual entitlement to claim a reduction in the entry fee.

(4) Visitors must ensure that they follow the instructions of the responsible staff at all times.

1.4. Monitoring compliance with the Spa Rules

Therme Wien GmbH & Co KG will, within reasonable limits, monitor compliance with the Spa Rules by visitors and other persons on the premises, with the aid of its responsible staff. If a visitor is found to be in breach of these regulations, the individual concerned will be warned or, if necessary, instructed to leave the premises.

1.5. Assistance in case of accidents

If an accident occurs, Therme Wien GmbH & Co KG will immediately take action, within reasonable limits, to assist the person(s) affected, with the aid of its responsible staff.

1.6. Assistance in averting indicated risks

If visitors make Therme Wien GmbH & Co KG, in particular the responsible staff, aware of a credible impending risk to the health and lives of visitors, Therme Wien GmbH & Co KG must take all reasonable steps to avert this risk with the aid of its staff.

1.7. Inability to supervise minors, individuals with legal incapacity, disabled visitors and non-swimmers

Therme Wien GmbH & Co KG and, consequently, its staff are not able and therefore also not obliged to supervise minors, individuals with legal incapacity, visitors with physical or mental disabilities, or non-swimmers.

1.8 Liability of Therme Wien GmbH & Co KG

(1) Therme Wien GmbH & Co KG is only liable for damages caused to visitors by it or its staff as a result of unlawful behaviour, in particular breaches of the contract for use of the thermal baths and misconduct.

(2) Therme Wien GmbH & Co KG assumes no liability for damages caused by failure to comply with the Spa Rules or any other regulations regarding use of the facilities, failure to follow the instructions of the staff, damages for which the person affected is culpable, or damages caused by unavoidable events or force majeure, in particular due to the actions of third parties. Contributory negligence will result in damages being apportioned accordingly. This also applies by analogy to specific rules of use displayed at particular equipment or facilities (e.g. slide, diving platform, sauna, sunbeds, etc.), as well as to any bans on entry or restrictions in accordance with section 1.3. (para. 2) above.

(3) Use of the car parks is at visitors’ own risk. Therme Wien GmbH & Co KG is not obliged to guard car parks, or to maintain road surfaces and other facilities in order to protect vehicles against damage (e.g. caused by nails, broken glass, etc. on the road surface, or by potholes). Regarding use of the underground car park, the Therme Wien Parking Regulations apply; these are displayed at the entrance to the underground car park and by the parking pay stations.

2. Visitors’ obligations

2.1. Entry tickets, chip wristbands, keys and fees

(1) In accordance with the Price Regulations, use of the thermal baths is only permitted with a valid means of entry (chip). The Price Regulations form part of the Spa Rules.

(2) Visitors who are found not to have a valid means of entry must pay three times the daily fee.

(3) The means of entry (chip key) must be returned upon leaving the baths.

(4) A fee is payable for lost means of entry (see notice).

2.2 Supervision of children, minors, non-swimmers and disabled visitors

(1) The persons otherwise responsible for the supervision of children, minors, non-swimmers and individuals with physical or mental disabilities (e.g. parents/legal guardians or other supervisors or carers) must provide any necessary supervision for such visitors.

(2) Persons responsible for supervision retain such responsibility even if they do not enter the thermal baths, and if they leave the premises before the individuals requiring supervision.

(3) Children under the age of 14 may only access the baths if accompanied by an authorised supervisor who is aged 14 or over. Therme Wien GmbH & Co KG is not obliged to check declarations that accompanying persons are authorised supervisors, but may rely on the accuracy of such declarations made by supervisors. However, Therme Wien GmbH & Co KG is entitled to deny access to supervisors who are clearly unsuitable. Upon declaring that they are authorised or willing to act as a supervisor, the accompanying person assumes responsibility for supervision. The supervisor is fully responsible for the behaviour of the children under their supervision in the baths and for ensuring compliance with the Spa Rules. If persons enter the thermal baths in disregard of these regulations, the individuals otherwise responsible for their supervision (e.g. the parents/legal guardians) will bear full responsibility.

(4) Minors and their parents/guardians must comply with legal regulations for the protection of minors, in particular alcohol and smoking bans, bans on entry, and obligations of parents/guardians.

2.3 Supervision during group visits

(1) With regard to group visits, in the case of schoolchildren the responsible supervisor must ensure and bears full responsibility for compliance with the Spa Rules; in the case of clubs and other organisations, such responsibility is borne by the responsible official of the club/organisation. The school’s/club’s/organisation’s supervisors must be present for the entire duration of the group visit.

(2) These supervisors must work in suitably close consultation with the supervisory staff of the thermal baths in order to ensure that other, normal operations are not disturbed as a result of the group visit.

2.4 Instructions of thermal baths staff

(1) Visitors must follow the instructions of the responsible staff of the thermal baths without exception at all times. This also applies if a visitor believes that such instructions are not justified.

(2) Individuals who breach the Spa Rules, or ignore restrictions on the use of certain facilities (e.g. slide, diving platform, sauna, sunbeds) or restrictions in the meaning of section 1.3. para. 2, or refuse to follow the instructions of the responsible staff, will be instructed to leave the baths by the responsible staff or another representative of the thermal baths, without entitlement to a refund of the entry fee. The individual will also be required to pay for any food or beverages consumed.

(3) In exceptional cases, the individual may also be barred from visiting the thermal baths in future.

2.5 Hygiene regulations

(1) Visitors are required to maintain the highest possible standards of cleanliness in all areas of the thermal baths. This includes wearing swimwear (with the exception of the sauna areas) and pool shoes.

(2) Swimwear must completely cover the primary sexual organs.

(3) Hygiene considerations must also take precedence with regard to swimwear. In accordance with the applicable regulations, swimwear must be water-repellent and non-absorbent. All swimwear that meets these requirements may be worn at Therme Wien. For safety reasons, swimwear must be close-fitting and must not include protruding parts that increase the risk of catching on protruding fittings.

(4) Individuals suffering from contagious diseases are not permitted to enter the baths.

(5) Street shoes must not be worn in barefoot areas. Foot disinfection pools must be used when entering and leaving the bathing area.

(6) For hygiene reasons, visitors must shower before using the pool. Showers must be turned off immediately after use.

(7) The use of soap, shampoo and detergents in swimming or bathing pools, or washing swimwear are not permitted.

(8) Waste (bottles, cans, waste paper, etc.) must be disposed of in the bins provided.

2.6 Endangering or disturbing other visitors

(1) All visitors must ensure that they do not make noise which disturbs other visitors. Therefore, any actions that disturb or endanger other visitors are prohibited.

(2) Climbing on or over the perimeter fencing of the site is not permitted.

(3) All pool facilities and equipment must only be used for their intended purpose (e.g. children’s pool, non-swimmers area, water slide, etc.).

(4) Use of the pools is only permitted using the pool access aids provided for this purpose.

(5) Photographing and/or filming bathers and/or employees is strictly prohibited without the prior consent of the persons concerned and the management.

2.7 Diving area

(1) Diving is only permitted in the designated pools/pool sections at the specified times.

(2) Diving may be restricted depending on the number of visitors at any given time.

(3) Divers must take care not to endanger other visitors.

(4) Visitors in the water in the diving area must take care not to endanger themselves or other visitors when diving is taking place. Swimmers and divers must be considerate of one another.

(5) Pools or sections of pools set up exclusively for diving may only be used by other visitors when diving is taking place if this does not cause disturbance to divers, and diving does not endanger visitors.

2.8 Use of additional equipment

(1) Loungers and deck chairs may be used free of charge, subject to availability. Reserving loungers and deck chairs is not permitted. A clean, sufficiently large bath towel must be placed on loungers and deck chairs during use.

(2) Towels can be hired for a fee. A replacement fee is payable if towels are lost or damaged.

(3) The pushchairs provided free of charge by Therme Wien GmbH & Co KG must be used in the thermal baths.

2.9 Personal belongings, loss of personal belongings, and vehicle parking

(1) Valuables must be left in the marked safe deposit lockers provided. No liability is accepted for other valuables brought into the thermal baths.

(2) Any personal belongings found must be handed in to the baths office; confirmation will be provided.

(3) Vehicles and other items must be parked or left in such a way that they do not block access to the thermal baths, in particular access by ambulance or fire services, or the police.

2.10. Obligation to report/provide assistance

(1) The responsible staff or management must be informed of any accidents, thefts or complaints immediately.

(2) All guests are obliged to provide any necessary first aid or other forms of assistance.

2.11 Miscellaneous provisions

(1) Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the thermal baths.

(2) Commercial activities or advertising of any kind are not permitted in the thermal baths without the permission of Therme Wien GmbH & Co KG.

We hope that you enjoy your stay with us.
Therme Wien GmbH & Co KG