Online tickets

Summer tickets

Summer day ticket spa with locker from € 23.72
Summer day ticket spa with cubicle from € 25.25
Summer day ticket spa child from € 15.07
Summer day ticket spa young person from € 15.84

Family tickets

Family ticket from € 65.00

After Work offers

After-Work ticket with locker € 32.40
After-Work ticket with cubicle € 34.40
After-Work combi-ticket with locker € 36.40
After-Work combi-ticket with cubicle € 38.40

Pre-booked tickets are only valid on the day selected as shown on the ticket. They guarantee admission even on the busiest of days. Dynamic pricing is applied for these tickets, which means that the total depends on how many have already been sold for the selected day and can vary as a result – similarly to in the hotel or airline industry.

PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU SELECT THE CORRECT DATE, AS IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO CHANGE YOUR BOOKING TO ANOTHER DAY AFTERWARDS! No returns and cannot be exchanged for cash. Additional services charged according to price list. Cannot be combined with other promotions. Unfortunately, it is not possible to redeem vouchers for services for online purchases. But you can use your VVW gift cards as a payment method.

CHILDREN’S SPECIAL ON MONDAYS – one child gets in free per adult.
Advance ticket not required for child as part of this promotion. The Children’s Monday offer also applies during the summer vacations, with the exception of other school holidays and public holidays.

Children aged 2 and under get in for free and do not have to be registered separately. Children´s rates apply from the age of 3 (i.e. from 3rd birthday) to the age of 7 (i.e. day before 8th birthday). Youth rates apply from the age of 8 (i.e. from 8th birthday) up to the age of 13 (i.e. day before 14th birthday). Children and young people aged 13 and under must always be accompanied by an adult.

Please contact the spa office at in advance for admission with a disabled ID/registered accompanying person on disabled ID.

We also set aside tickets for visitors who decide to come to Therme Wien at the last minute. Please note that you may need to wait before you can enter the spa if you do so, depending on how busy it is on the day.

Please be aware that there may be waiting times at check-in on busy days, especially at weekends.