Living life to the full and savouring the moment is the order of the day at the various Therme Wien restaurants and bars. Although the restaurants cater to different tastes, they have a number of important things in common: a relaxed atmosphere, oceans of space and friendly staff with one thing at heart – your wellbeing. We believe that how people dress is an important part of the dining experience, which is why all guests are asked to ensure that they have the appropriate attire when visiting any of the Therme Wien restaurants or cafés. For us, this means a shirt or t-shirt, shorts and spa sandals at the very least – it goes without saying that bathrobes are more than welcome!

Culinary delights at theSPA RESTAURANT

THE CAFÉ LOUNGEat Therme Wien Med

THE SUMMER BARin the Four Seasons Garden

Only open during summer (May-August), weather permitting

THE FITNESS LOUNGE at Therme Wien Fitness