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Spread across 3,000m2 and two floors, the Sauna Stone has find everything your heart desires. It doesn’t matter whether you want to be among your own sex or in a mixed environment, whichever scenario you choose, you’ll definitely appreciate the power of a good sauna.

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Immune system booster

“Studies show that regular sauna sessions have a wide range of positive health effects. They’re particularly good for the cardiovascular system, but regular sauna visits are also beneficial to the immune system. The favourable effects of sauna sessions on the immune system are primarily attributable to hyperthermia.”

Excerpt from “Visits to spas and the immune system – summary of physiological aspects”

The saunasin the Sauna Stone

Finnish sauna (90°C)

A session in the 90°C Finnish sauna boosts the body’s defences, provides protection against colds and helps reduce sensitivity to weather conditions, while also promoting better sleep.

Bio sauna (65°C)

If the Finnish sauna is a little too hot for you, but you still don’t want to miss out on an authentic sauna feeling, then at a gentler 65°C the bio sauna is the perfect solution.

Steam room (45°C)

At 45-50°C, the steam room is great for calming jangled nerves and releasing muscular tension. The hot steam also revitalises the skin and clears the airways.

Tepidarium (38°C)

Popular since ancient times. Our tepidarium stimulates the body’s circulation with dry air and a room temperature of between 38°C and 40°C.

The Infusionsin the Sauna Stone

Infusions at the Sauna Stone are as full of variety as the saunas themselves. Sauna fans can enjoy different infusions according to the time of year.

Infusions plan (german)

The swimming poolsin the Sauna Stone

The warmwater pool

34 °C
The warmwater pool in the outdoor area of the mixed sauna is a great place to relax. If you don’t want to go straight back to the thermal pools after a sauna, it’s perfect in every way. Dive in, tune out and relax!

The hot whirlpool

36 °C
Anyone looking for a little more post-sauna invigoration should take a dip in the hot whirlpool. Located in the outdoor area of all three sauna areas, it offers a whirlpool experience that puts relaxation first.

The plunge pool

18 °C
Once you’ve finished in the sauna it’s time to cool off. So after a quick shower, the plunge pool is a quick way to do precisely that. It also helps to stimulate the body. Filled with cold water, they can be found in all three indoor sauna areas.

Other highlightsin the Sauna Stone

The "Kaminzimmer" lounge with open fire

The crackling of the wood. Flickering flames. Experience deep relaxation in the “Kaminzimmer” lounge as you watch the dancing flames of a real open fire.

The sauna bistro

Choose from various easily digestible and light culinary treats after the sauna. A delight inside and out.

The sauna garden

Filled with mature trees that provide natural shade, the quiet lounging areas in the sauna garden are perfect for relaxing after your sauna session. Boost your wellbeing as you let nature work its magic on you.

The Kneipp walk

To refresh and strengthen your circulation, wade through the cold and warm pools four to five times – lifting your feet high out of the water each time.

Kneipp walk cold: 18 °C
Kneipp walk warm: 36 °C


Left untreated for long, tension will burrow its way deep into your muscles and eventually even your psyche, too. As water fizzes on the hot stones, warmth envelops the body In our ladies’ sauna, you can simply be there and be yourself. There is plenty of space – flooded with light, bright and with a soothing design.



Frühnebel I Morgensonne


Sauna rules

Benches must be covered with a towel: it is not permitted to wear swimwear in the sauna.
Please keep quiet: be considerate of other guests and make as little noise as possible.
Photography and filming prohibited: photography and filming is not allowed in the sauna under any circumstances. If you wish to make a phone call, please do so in the sauna bistro.
Cover up: guests must wear a bathrobe when they visit the sauna bistro.
Good vibrations: as the sauna is a quiet area, please mute your cell phone.
Minimum age: you must be 14 or over to access the sauna.

Frequently asked questions

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No, entry to the sauna zone is only possible in combination with admission to the spa.

The sauna bistro is located on the mixed sauna level. It is open during the week from 12 noon, and from 9am to 8pm on the weekends and public holidays.

The sauna zone is open to visitors aged 15 or over.

No, there are not any non-nude saunas in the Therme Wien sauna zone. If you want to keep your swimwear on, you can use the Laconiums in Thermenlandschaft 1.

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