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The power of the pro approachGet in shape and stay fit

Get your body moving with a workout at the Therme Wien gym and fitness centre, based on individual fitness plans created by the sports scientists at the Health Center.


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Access daily unlimited.

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Membership Therme Wien Fitness


Access daily unlimited for people aged 16-26.

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FLEX Group training

Access to group training only.

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Access daily from 11am to 4pm.

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Free trial session

Want to focus more on your health? Then take the first step and arrange a free trial workout session.

We will be happy to call you back to arrange a free trial training session at Therme Wien Fitness.

    Power and endurance training

    Improve your fitness, stamina and endurance and discover a new quality of life. State-of-the-art cardio and power training equipment and a separate women’s fitness zone make light work of getting in shape.

    Group training

    There’s nothing better than picking up on other people’s enthusiasm for doing the things they love. And that’s precisely why group workouts are so effective. Even the toughest sessions become easier as sporting ambition takes hold, adding more discipline when it comes to achieving your personal goals. The Therme Wien fitness centre offers a wide variety of power and strength-building workouts such as IRON SYSTEM™, as well as more gentle training sessions like Pilates and stretching.

    Sports medicine servicesat the Health Center

    Fit check

    Ideally, you should do this before your first session at Therme Wien Fitness. It will help establish a baseline for your individual training plan. In addition to determining body composition, the check also goes through your posture history and includes a muscle function test, coordination test and submaximal endurance test.

    € 110.00

    Body composition

    This procedure measures muscle mass, body fat and water content. Maintaining a healthy balance is essential for anyone looking to get healthy and stay healthy.

    € 50.00

    rate test

    Knowing your basal metabolic rate is helpful as it can help you on your way to achieving your desired weight. The basal metabolic rate is the number of calories the body burns at rest. Once your rate has been determined, you can see what your calorific intake needs to be each day in order to help you reach your target weight.

    € 50.00


    Problems with your back? Then Medi Mouse analysis is the right application for you. It maps and images the shape of the spine, as well as the position of the individual vertebrae. These data are then used as the basis for your personalised back fitness programme.

    € 50.00

    endurance test

    This test uses an ergometer to measure your stamina. Good aerobic endurance is the cornerstone of overall fitness and wellbeing.

    € 45.00

    Body fat

    Bio-impedance analysis determines your body fat percentage. In isolation, your weight says little about your body composition.

    € 25.00

    Nutritional consultationat the Health Center

    Dr Cathrin Drescher is a qualified nutritionist. She knows the secrets of a healthy diet and is on hand to draw up your own personal nutrition plan, as well as provide support to anyone looking to shed a few pounds.

    Frequently asked questions

    Didn't find an answer to your question? Please feel free to contact us.


    You are welcome to make an appointment by telephone – call +43 (0)1 68009-9777 to arrange a trial training session; you can find price details on our current price list. The trial training session includes one hour with a trainer and a day pass for you to use the gym afterwards. Trial offers are not available for group sessions. Group workouts can be booked and paid for individually.

    Yes, Therme Wien Fitness members can access the spa directly. Members receive a discount on standard day tickets for the spa. We offer two types of combined tickets. Annual Therme Wien Fitness memberships either include admission to the spa, or the spa plus sauna five times a month. There is no annual membership for the spa alone.

    Yes. You do not have to have a membership to use Therme Wien Fitness. Day passes are also available to non-members.

    Yes, Therme Wien Fitness has a separate area exclusively for women.

    Yes, Therme Wien Fitness has a private parking facility for gym users at Kurbadstrasse 16.

    Young people aged 16 or over can use the Therme Wien Fitness gym facilities.

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